W08 - W Groove Panels

9mm/12mm W Groove Panels part of Plankwall's Building Panel System.

Grooves at 80mm Centres
1200x2440mm Raw MDF
Interlocking "tongue and groove" sides for seamless panel joins
For internal use.

Code: WG09/24MDF

Both V and W groove are machined using blades. The blades importantly press grain down when machining making the groove nice and smooth and not raising and roughing the grain by a rotating router 


Plankwall exclusively use Nelson Pine Golden edge Standard E0 panels. Use of their PanelBrace system appraisal. Can be used as part of the bracing structure under Branz appraisal 779 so long as installed as per NPIL specifications and Installation Guidelines. This now includes the use of gunned finish nails or Staples which speeds up installation and reduces the amount and size of filling required to finish.


Technical and Sustainability

E Zero

See Also: Plain Faced, V10 and V15 Grooved Panels