Library Bayend Panels

Library Bayend Panels instantly improve the look and ambiance of a library, as well as providing additional display options such as sloping acrylic book displays and Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

-Panels either come capped in aluminium capping or PVC clashed edges to all 4 sides
-These Panels mount onto the end of Library book end racking to allow for displaying books, advertisements, posters etc
-Custom made to size
-There is an option to have a wave shape on top of the panels or also pinboards
-Can be manufactured with custom spacing between the grooves and different colour inserts

FOOT & POST mounting bracket options.
-All panels require 2 foot brackets. These should be positioned roughly 75mm from the end of the post foot, to the centre of the bracket hole.
-For panel heights of 1500mm or less, 2 x post brackets are required.
-For panel heights over 1500mm, 3 x post brackets are required.

Please contact us directly with your quantities and requirements and one of our team will be in contact.