Heavy use Bracket and Plate (SET)

Heavy Use Shelf Bracket & Plate SET

Heavy Use Brackets provide a bracket system for heavier loads on Plankwall panels. Before use, it is important to be sure the panel is securely fixed to the wall. If there is any doubt please double check.

Back plates are powder-coated grey and the slotted shelf brackets are zinc plated

Back plate has 4 slots to suit 2 lug & 3 lug brackets

Bracket sizes 250mm, 350mm, 450mm (other sizes also available on request)


Slotted Bracket and Plate are also sold separately. Heavy use Shelves are recommended as well


Codes: HUB250 (1 x back plate and 1 x 250mm long slotted shelf bracket)

            HUB350 (1 x back plate and 1 x 350mm long slotted shelf bracket)

            HUB450 (1 x back plate and 1 x 450mm long slotted shelf bracket)