Prong Security Lock

These work on our full range of prongs if you refer to codes below. 

Simply attach to end of prongs to secure your high valued items/stock from theft and shoplifters. Use small magnet tool (sold separately) below to open the locks. Place magnet tool at bottom of lock and it simply unclips lock from the end of the prong then reattach.

Product Codes:

PLOCK-4 - *Prong security lock for prongs at 4mm thickness (Use with PP,DP,PFTD & PDPC prong ranges).

PLOCK-5 - *Prong security lock for prongs at 5mm thickness (Use with PPH & PFTS prong ranges)

PLOCK-6 - *Prong security lock for prongs at 6mm thickness (Use with SP prong ranges)

PLOCK-MAG - *Small magnet tool for prong security locks